Embroidery with straw from Faial Island – Azores!


Have you heard about the embroidery with straw from Faial Island – Azores?
This embroidery has won an honorable mention at the last International Handicrafts Fair, unfortunately I can’t get  any pictures of the work.
The artisan is Lina Silva and you can see her work on the facebook page at photo album

You can read more about this embroidery in a post I have written long ago
Nota para as quatro, vá lá, cinco pessoas que ainda me leem – estou de boa saúde – a pausa deveu-se a uma avaria no computador, que tive que trocar, e leva algum tempo a adaptar-me. Novidades em breve, espero.
Note to the four, maybe, five people who still read me – I’m in good health – the break was due to a computer malfunction, which I had to change, and it takes some time to adapt. News soon, I hope

12 thoughts on “Embroidery with straw from Faial Island – Azores!

  1. I have the same comment as MaryonHudson! I read and enjoy! You are a wonderful resource for me in the writing of m next historical novel!

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  2. Me too remain in that list of readers.. :) I am embroidering a pattern from one of the books you generously gifted me . Will post it soon for my bunch of five readers ;)


  3. Thank you Deepa! I presume you are already safe at home!
    I’m looking forward to see your embroidery – You have a lot of readers and they comment.
    I do too many breaks and readers gave up to come here , I think :) Hpe news from you soon


  4. Thank you for sharing the link to Lina Silva’s work, I think straw embroidery is beautiful and I enjoyed seeing her photos :-)

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