marmelada e geleia | quince marmalade and jam

marmelada 1

marmelada duas cores

geleia 1

geleia 2
Conseguem ver o reflexo das minhas mãos a tirar as fotografias?
Can you see the reflection of my hands taking pictures?

Só sei que gastamos 47 kg de açúcar. Just know we used up 47 kg of sugar.
Passou uma semana de relativo descanso em casa depois das semanas atribuladas anteriores de que já falei – pôr leituras e papeis em dia, acabar de organizar/arrumar coisas que tinha começado em Setembro? Outubro? já não sei. Nada de agulhas e linhas…
I spent a week of relative rest at home after the previous troubled weeks that I have already told you – by readings and paperwork, finishing arrange / fix things that had started in September? October? I don’t remember. No needles nor threads …
Bouça / mata, vista da Casa, quase um mês depois dos incêndios (a parte menos feia…) e a chuva tão necessária continua a não chegar!
Woods, view from the House, almost a month after the fires (the less ugly part …) and the much-needed rain still does not arrive!

Boa semana a todos! A good week to all of you.

6 thoughts on “marmelada e geleia | quince marmalade and jam

  1. Ah, found it! I haven’t been a very good blogger recently :-(, so I am just catching up with your blog.
    Tell me, the difference between marmalade and jam in Portugal. Here in England, if you say “marmalade”, most people will think only about “orange marmalade”, anything else is “jam”. I know that in most of the rest of the Europe, “marmalade ” is very common name, it is in my country of origin as well; orange marmalade was very new to me when I came to England.
    I like the way you dry your marmalade in the sun, it could never happen here in England, LOL!


      • Marmalade is the sweet in the bowels which we keep covered with baking paper and it can be cut with a knife when well dried, but all of us like eat it a little bit wet. Jam is a kind of gelatin made from the inner seeds of the quinces and we keep it in glass bottles with lids.
        In Portugal orange marmalade was very new too long ago. Nowadays many people make orange marmalade from bitter orange peel


  2. That’s a lot of marmalade. Is this for gifting or for the family for the whole year?
    Wishing you and your loved ones a great festive season.


    • Hello Deepa!
      This is for the family for the whole year = eleven homes! It will go in few months till next November :)
      Have a great festive season with your lovely ones too


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