Porto, Portugal

Specially for my new readers a funny video showing the town where I live for years.

Também para todas as portuguesas e brasileiras que mal conhecem o Porto.




4 thoughts on “Porto, Portugal

  1. Impressionante, me fez lembrar da minha viagem à Portugal e ao Porto, que adorei. A família do meu marido é desta cidade.


  2. Very good, Meri :-)
    I did not know you live in Porto! We spent a couple of days there some years ago, after that we travelled up the river to Lamego. We liked Porto very much, we thought we should go back one day :-)
    I can’t remember the year (2003?), but it was at the same time as Porto won UEFA cup; under Jose Mourinho and we were in the square with the people celebrating! Lovely memory :-)


    • Really Radka? Porto is prettier if I dare to say… And Douro region is full of nice places. It’s time to come back and see places around.


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