25th December 2013

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A espera organizada para a entrada na cozinha, até ao caos final :)
The wait for the organized entry  in the kitchen, up to the end chaos :)

Familia Natal 3013

Familia Natal 2013

Obrigada a cada um de vós por nos proporcionarem Natais tão animados, barulhentos, cansativos, mas que nos deixam memórias excepcionais!
Grazie a ciascuno di voi per averci fornito Natali così eccitato, rumoroso, estenuante, ma lasciare nei ricordi eccezionali!
Thanks to each of you for providing us Christmases so excited, noisy, exhausting, but leaving these exceptional memories!

5 thoughts on “25th December 2013

    • :) Third generation of memories! Moments like those make me happy and the joy of Life, even though sometimes with some pains (not only physical)


    • Thanks Elena! I believe you can guess the screams not only of the children! There are truly chaotic moments along those days! :)


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