no campo … / in the contryside

porta muito velha / very old doorcerca de uma semana, no campo – foi bom! ir às alfaces e nabiças, regar e ver o batatal e o cebolinho. Ainda se acendeu o fogão a lenha e a lareira, pois estava frio.
about a week in the countryside – it was good! go reaping fresh lettuces and turnip greens, watering and see potato fields and chives. Still lit the wood stove and the fireplace because it was cold.

ir apanhar as laranjas e limões às árvores; à noitinha sentir o aroma das laranjeiras cheias de flor e frutos!
go and pick oranges and lemons from the trees; in the evening feel the fragrance from the orange trees filled with flowers and fruits!

e, finalmente, a primavera apareceu!
and, finally, the spring appeared!

6 thoughts on “no campo … / in the contryside

    • I love this place. For sure you’ll love it too – and it’s very very near Guimarães and Braga, two beautiful old towns ;)


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