Adenda ao postal anterior / Former post addendum

O meu entusiasmo com o video foi tão grande que me esqueci de pequenos pormenores!

My enthusiasm for the video was so great that I forgot small details!
Para bainhas pequenas como esta não uso bastidor; aqui é indiferente trabalhar pelo direito ou avesso (aqui trabalhei pelo direito)
I don’t use hoop for little open work like this; here it’s indifferent to work on back side or front side (here I worked on front side)
1 – cortar o fio medindo toda a largura da bainha – não há emendas, mesmo numa toalha grande tem que se cortar todo o comprimento de cada lado;
1 – cut the thread by measuring the entire width of the open work –  even in large towels you have to cut the thread matching the entire long length of each side (do you understand what i mean? that English sounds bad to me…)
2 – começar, pelo avesso, até meio;
2 – start on back side going halfway;
3 – dar um ponto de reforço;
3 – make a stitch of reinforcement;
4 – passar para o lado direito;
4 – go to the front side;
5 – cortar a ponta, para não atrapalhar;
5 – cut the end of the thread;
6 – começar e ver o video;
6 – begin and see the video;
7 – rematar passando a agulha para o avesso;
7 – finish moving the needle to the back side;
8 e 9 – bainha pronta
8 and 9 – open work ready
Bom fim de semana!

Have a great weekend


6 thoughts on “Adenda ao postal anterior / Former post addendum

  1. Dear Meri, Those photos and the video were professionally done. With the size of the fabric…. It looks like you have a serious bussiness going on…. :-))))))) judy


    • Dear Judy the video is not good it wasn’t edited. I have been very very busy not only with embroideries… serious business with no profit :)


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