encomendas / orders

17 sacos de guardanapos, com respetiva inicial bordada (só para homens ;) ) e um pano de tabuleiro, usando um desenho apresentado na oficina de bordados de Oeiras – tudo feito no domingo e segunda feira.
17 napkin bags, with an embroidered letter (only for men!) and a little traycloth, with a pattern used at the embroidery workshop in Oeiras – everything done during Sunday and Monday.

5 thoughts on “encomendas / orders

  1. A question from a non Portugues that does not understand this custom. Why do men have to have special embroidered napkins? Are these for a special occassions? Don’t woman use napkins and don’t they deserve them embroidered too?


  2. Velia! You make me laugh a lot! You are right Women deserve embroidered napkin bags as well.
    Those were for a special event only attended by men and was for fun. Inside each bag was a napkin with a buttonhole to hang the napkin to the shirt :-)


  3. Seria bom que as etiquetas fossem claras. Bom fim de semana.


  4. Merí, I am glad I made you laught instead of being offended. You did a magnificent job preparing so many bags and napkins and doily. The flower embroidery is very pretty.


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