Amostra maravilha / Wonderful Sampler

Uma amostra que inclui técnicas de bordar muito mais complexas como: matiz, renda de agulha de Veneza, Richelieu, diferentes bordados ouro. Foi desenhada e executada pela nossa professora de bordados Maria do Céu Freitas!!!
Observada ao vivo é um espanto de perfeição!

An embroidery sampler including more complex techniques such as: needle lace of Venice, Richelieu, different gold embroidery. It was designed and executed by our teacher of embroidery Maria do Céu Freitas!!!
Alive is a wonder of perfection!

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8 thoughts on “Amostra maravilha / Wonderful Sampler

  1. Meri..
    Doesn’t wordpress allow comments from blogger? The previous comment is mine through a wordpress account.


  2. Hi Deepa! Both comments appear as you can see… I think that it allows comments from blogger – first comment in this post is from a blogger blog…


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  4. Beautiful work, Meri. Sorry I have to write in English (or Spanish). I read Portuguese but don’t write well. A question, do you have any instruction or pictures of the satin stitched, padded motifs? I’m an advanced stitcher, working on some altar white work as well as Japanese embroidery.
    Thank you so much, Anne Gomes


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