Ponto grihão / Palestrina stitch

Gosto muito deste ponto grilhão!
I love this stitch!


9 thoughts on “Ponto grihão / Palestrina stitch

  1. It looks good.I like your satin(padded) stitch as well.could you please tell me about the thread you’d used for palestrina stitch?.


  2. Thanks for the info about the threads used Meri. Only Anchor threads are available in my country.Pearl cotton is available but only 1 size.I’m buying all the other threads from USA .


  3. :) Thank you all for your comments! A palestrina party of blogland celebrities : Elmslay Rose, Mary Corbet, Elena and Susan Elliot Wow!!!! Thank you so much for your visits! Thank you Anita. Obrigada Helena


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