Bordado Castelo Branco (III)

São 49 as cores usadas no Bordado de Castelo Branco.
Castelo Branco Embroidery uses 49 colours.

Na entrada anterior mostrei a seda natural que comprei em Castelo Branco e que iria fotografá-las junto das “sedas vegetais”, que pensava serem de Castelo Branco. A confusão está explicada no texto que acima fotografei e penso que se lê bem.

Here I showed the silks I bought at Castelo Branco and wrote I’ll take photos with “vegetal silks” I thought were from Castelo Branco. I’ve already written to Mary, Hannah and Deepa to whom I sent those “vegetal silks” as being from CB – my apologies!
My confusion is explained in the text above which I’ll try to translate:
“Sometimes appear works done with “vegetal silks” (rayon) which is an incorrect way to refer to the viscose chemical fiber widely used in the embroidery of Castelo Branco in the decade of the 50’s in 20th century, because they were (and are) considerably cheaper.
Here we do an alert to the fact that silk is an easily counterfeited fiber what can remove quality to the Embroidery considering that the good quality of materials is the most added value of a piece, along with its aesthetic and patrimonial dimension. We can distinguish viscose and silk , viscose is brighter, thicker and in the burning test has plastic smell.”
Hope you understand :-|

Penso que se vê bem as diferenças.
I think you can see well the differences.

Nesta imagem podem ver-se 6 variantes do Ponto Castelo Branco, também conhecido por ponto frouxo e ponto oriental.
This picture shows 6 different ways of doing Castelo Branco Stitch – Laid-Work?

Não sei se já estão cansadas do tema, mas esta é a forma de não me esquecer do que vi e ouvi. Não tenho bordado nada, tenho andado a ler e a escrever no blogue…
Tenho mais para registar, por isso o tema Castelo Branco vai continuar ;)
I don’t know if you are tired about the theme but this is the way I have not to forget what I saw and heard. I’m not embroidering only reading and writting these posts…
I have more to write so the theme Castelo Branco will continue ;)
Detail from a Castelo Branco Colcha 18th/19th century

7 thoughts on “Bordado Castelo Branco (III)

  1. Thank you so much Meri!! I never get tired to read about Portuguese embroidery. sorry to read that there are only three embroiderers at the Museum.
    Tell us more.


  2. Dear Meri, thank you so much for talking about this type of embroidery, I am not tired of hearing about it at all, and look forward to sharing what you are learning. It is wonderful to follow your discoveries.


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  4. Thank you so much to you all for your support, Thank you Hannah as well! – I was afraid so many Castelo Branco Embroidery posts could bored my readers but it is the only way I can register and not forget these two days at Castelo Branco. And still missing one afternoon and one morning there :-). And I feel as so many things I still have to learn…
    Deepa: as far I understood the silks are from Italy, and I hope the silks I’ve bought are real natural silks . I have to do the burning test…
    I have to visit again Castelo Branco for sure!
    See you again soon :-)


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