a divertir-me / having fun

enquanto o dedo fica bom, vou-me divertindo com linha, agulha e… dedal!
while the healing of my finger, I’m having fun with thread, needle and… thimble!


9 thoughts on “a divertir-me / having fun

  1. Very effective piece of thread art!
    Love the new header in your blog too :-) I’m working on a whole new template for mine :-)

  2. Amazing what can be done :-)) This is a beautiful red! Which thread are you using?
    I hope that your finger gets better soon, thank you for your visits to my blog, you are welcome any time :-))

  3. Thank you, ladies!
    My finger is already fine, Radka – the thread is a Portuguese silk thread no more available. I’ve found two skeins in this colour in a very old shop in a very old town :)
    I’m not very familiar working with silk – this is all my experiments – and I found this silk a little hard to deal with…

  4. Está maravilhoso – gosto particularmente da árvore de ramos ao vento…

  5. ainda bem que o dedo já está bom!
    concordo com os comentários anteriores, a àrvore está espantosa!

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