Adding a new widget: feedback please!

Yesterday I’ve added to blog sidebar a new tool to translate this blog into different languages.

Por isso a partir de agora só escreverei em português, mas preciso de saber se a tradução funciona.

Por favor escrevam a dar-me a vossa opinião.


10 thoughts on “Adding a new widget: feedback please!

  1. Vincent I’ve followed a sugestion from a discussion in wordpress forum. It was just yesterday and it was so easy. Now I’m looking for it and can’t find…
    I’ll email you with how I made it.

    Patricia vou também enviar-te por email. O teu blog é da Não sei se funciona noutras plataformas. O anti-spam é do e é fantástico – já falei nisso numa entrada há uns tempos.
    Helena posso enviar por email os códigos. Não sei é se funciona no


  2. Hello Meri,
    is the translation for name of stitches or for the entire post?
    Once I responded to a blog..about “natural dye”. The French translation was” natural die..muerte.” I had to laugh and hope that someone could figure out the true content of the post.


  3. Hello Monique!
    The translation is for the entire post… and I’m afraid about things like what you tell.
    I’m sure the translation for name of stitches will be a disaster :(
    we have here a a book translation from English to Portuguese sometimes it is hilarious :)
    I think I have be careful when writting… I had to change my blog title from “agulhas da méri” to “agulhas da Méri” the translation was “needles of the merits of each lan” which I can’t understand at all!
    We’ll see!


    • I know Deepa! I’ll give it a time to test it! After all so many blogs use the translator… I’ll pay special attention to the stitch names…


  4. Hello Meri,
    That’s right, some specific words related to embroidery do not translate so well. As “chevron stitch”. But for some articles, such as what you prepared for your workshop, that is all right : I could understand it quite well.
    Maybe you could only write in English for the very precise articles (technical details for example).
    Have a nice day,


  5. Thanks Elena!
    I KnowI have to be careful when writting some technical details. If I write only in English my Portuguese readers couldn’t understand those technical details…. but I hope I’ll can manage a solution…
    Have a nice day too


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