Any kids drawings? Algum desenho de miúdos?

Elisabeth from Fine Little Days  had the pretty idea of  showing children drawings and creations in a gallery – Fine Little Gallery               she says: Do you know anybody between 1-15 years old that would like to contribute to Fine Little Gallery?
 Please send your drawing, a photo of the contributor (not necessary, only if you want to), a short describing
                                   text about the drawing, name, age and country of the artist in an email

I’ve sent her an email to greet her for that wonderful idea and telling her about the embroidery Stella…stellina from drawings of my eldest grand daughter and how it was fun for both of us. Elisabeth is so nice she added drawings and a link to that post. Thanks so much! And thanks to all new visitors. Come again ;)

Elisabete, do blogue Fine Little Day, teve a bela ideia de juntar numa galeria trabalhos artísticos de crianças entre 1 e 15 anos. Chamou à galeria Fine Little Gallery. Se tiverem algum objecto de arte das vossas crianças fotografem e enviem-lhe para o email. Mas primeiro vão ver a galeria…

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