a quick sneaky look / uma espreitadela

estou a trabalhar nisto há 3 semanas…  ainda faltam outras três, na melhor das hipóteses, para estar terminado :(
a bordar devagar, devagarinho.

i’m working on this for three weeks… still other three weeks to be finished at least :(
embroidering slowly very slowly.


10 thoughts on “a quick sneaky look / uma espreitadela

    • It’s not a series… I can’t yet tell about.
      It’s a my eldest grand daughter and mine’s secret surprise… ;)
      Later I’ll tell all the story.

  1. This looks like it will be a lovely finished piece. Stick with it Meri – you can do it!!!

  2. ui! acredito que esteja a dar trabalho mas…deixou-me a salivar!
    Quero ver mais!!
    Adorei as ovelhas! :D

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