old and new knittings

Algumas peças que fiz para as netas.
Some things I’ve done for my grand daughters.

e alguma da roupa que fiz para muitas Barbies
and some clothes I’ve done for lots of  Barbies


8 thoughts on “old and new knittings

  1. Meri..you are truly very busy knitting. I admire your patience with the Barbie clothes!! Doll clothing is so tedious to make!!


  2. Gracias, Rosali!

    Monique, I only know toknit and crochet till 2005 +/-!
    Then I found so many beautiful things about embroidery that I gave it a try and must say that I love it!
    It’s true I’ve made so many Barbie clothes that now I weary so much knitting. But I’ve never liked knitting or crocheting too much… now I’m coming back to embroidery :) but I still have to do a baby blanket…


  3. Oh, Meri, you are a granddaughter’s dream! What lucky girls to have such a talented and loving grandmother.
    I’m trying to work up my courage to tackle knitting a baby sweater, so I’m in awe of your clever handiwork.


  4. Hi Meri, no you are not too late! and looking at all your baby knitting makes me want to have a baby!! I hope you are well x


  5. How lovely Meri.

    When I was a child, my Nan who lived in Mallorca, would knit clothes like this for my dolls, and would bring them back for me in her suitcase. Your grand-daughters are going to have similar happy memories.

    I’m so pleased you popped over and entered my giveaway. x


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