8 thoughts on “old and new knittings

  1. Meri..you are truly very busy knitting. I admire your patience with the Barbie clothes!! Doll clothing is so tedious to make!!


  2. Gracias, Rosali!

    Monique, I only know toknit and crochet till 2005 +/-!
    Then I found so many beautiful things about embroidery that I gave it a try and must say that I love it!
    It’s true I’ve made so many Barbie clothes that now I weary so much knitting. But I’ve never liked knitting or crocheting too much… now I’m coming back to embroidery :) but I still have to do a baby blanket…


  3. Oh, Meri, you are a granddaughter’s dream! What lucky girls to have such a talented and loving grandmother.
    I’m trying to work up my courage to tackle knitting a baby sweater, so I’m in awe of your clever handiwork.


  4. How lovely Meri.

    When I was a child, my Nan who lived in Mallorca, would knit clothes like this for my dolls, and would bring them back for me in her suitcase. Your grand-daughters are going to have similar happy memories.

    I’m so pleased you popped over and entered my giveaway. x


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