a make a month 2010

Já devem ter reparado (!) numa imagem nova ali ao lado. A Helen, do blogue Angharad, decidiu  parar de acumular todo o tipo de materiais e livros e começar a utilizá-los, mesmo. Tomou a decisão para 2010 de fazer, pelo menos, uma coisa todos os meses desse material acumulado. Incluiu, nesta decisão, revistas e livros comprados e que não utilizou para nada. Até fez um “botão de blogue” para se lembrar desta decisão. Para se não sentir sózinha, desafia quem tem os mesmos problemas de acumulação a fazer o mesmo, formando um grupo no flickr para publicação da produção mensal!

Não sou muito de me juntar a grupos e trocas, pois sou bastante irregular a trabalhar e, se me comprometo com alguma coisa, não gosto de falhar. Nunca gostei. Numa troca de e-mails com a Helen, ficou o compromisso que se falhasse um mês, no mês seguinte faria duas coisas, mesmo que pequenas. E aderi ao desafio; talvez com este estímulo (e janeiro acabado!) volte a produzir alguma coisa de jeito!  Agora desafio-vos a vós todas, que por aqui passam – venham daí e juntem-se à Helen ;)

Obrigada, Helen!

I think you have already noticed (!) a new button on my sidebar. Helen from Angharad, has taken a decision for 2010: “to stop hoarding all my supplies and books and to start making instead” (using her own words) making at least one thing each month from her supplies. She even made a blog button to remind herself. So that not feeling all alone she challenged all of us to stop hoarding supplies using them and joining her flikr group.

I’m not used to join groups and swaps, because I’m too uneven in my production and whenever I commit myself to something I do not like to fail. Never did. Helen and I changed some e-mails then was decided to keep the promise to make two things in a month to catch up, if something fails. And I’ve joined; maybe with this stimulus (and January finished!) I’ll produce again something we all can see!  Now I challenge all of you – come and join Helen ;)

Thanks, Helen!


8 thoughts on “a make a month 2010

  1. Hello Meri! I finally found my way to your lovely new blog. I love the new look.

    It is tempting to join you and Helen to get myself using up my hoarded materials. It sounds like a fun challenge abd I would be in good company!


  2. Hello Meri, I noticed your lovely embroidery work at Flickr the other day. Of course I have signed up the programme, too. I didn’t do much where my hoardings are concerned, but I will do much better this month, I promised it to myself. I am sorry you could not participate in the last month’s thimble Flickr and hope you can join us this month. Happy stitching. Chloe Patricia


  3. i think I am joining. This is easier compared to the daily painters, who force themselves to paint at least one small piece a day.
    Are there even daily stitchers out there? I think this is for the serious stitcher who also sells embroidery and needed to be productive for his/her store.

    I think one project a month is already realistic and should not be difficult for most of us. I am joining too.

    Hey Meri, I just found out that you told craftgossip about my embroideries.:) it was my first. thank you for the support. I am pressured to create better works now. lol



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