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agulha não pica *

Agulha Não Pica (Portuguese for Needle Doesn’t Prick) offers an experience that is inspired in ancestral arts: embroidering, hole-punching and stamping.

We believe that a needle never pricks when used with the head and the heart! We can prove it to those that learn to embroider with our kits.

It is a Portuguese idea born out of the passion for our threads, cork and fabrics. We use traditional Portuguese materials hoping they can be appreciated everywhere.

Out kits are “treasured” in charming “taleigos” (patchwork drawstring bags).”

It has beautiful little Christmas gifts for children. Go there and take a look!

“mundoaocolo” is a Portuguese brand with a heighten awareness for sustainability (that uses only national products such as cork, a genuinely sustainable and Portuguese product by excellence.
Our lap trays are handmade and use traditional and sustainable Portuguese materials: cork and cotton fabrics.
The world on your lap and the trees thank you!
The trees on your lap and the world thank you!”
A very good idea for cozy lap trays! They are beautiful!
*conflict of interests (LOL!): the owner is a good friend of mine!!!

2 thoughts on “Etsy shops

  1. Desta vez cheguei cedo… E tão contente de ver os meus "filhos" com tanto destaque neste blog encantador e que tanta inspiração me trouxe… Obrigada "tia avó"… É uma honra. Hoje tive um dia muito feliz!!! :)


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