Mary Corbet’s Lesson 6

I really liked to embroider this leaf
and always surprised with imperfections showed by photos!

6 thoughts on “Mary Corbet’s Lesson 6

  1. Oh, that looks really good!! I haven't done Mary's exercises yet, but seeing your results makes me want to try.

  2. Achas que tem imperfeições? Meu Deus, quem me dera ser assim "imperfeita!Mariamana

  3. You're almost done with the lessons.Why not try a long and short project now? Would love to see you doing it.

  4. Hi Deepa! Thanks!It's easy when we have Mary telling us the stittch directions and where we have to change de colours… :)

  5. Thanks so much Meri for your lovely words and I love this leaf! It's perfect. Photos have a habit of showing the most annoying things but I really couldn't see any imperfections in these.

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