Organizar / Organizing

No início do ano propus-me a arrumar, como deve ser, todo o material que tenho.
Já estamos a meio de Agosto e ainda não acabei.
Mas também sei que nunca terei TUDO arrumado.
Espreitem lá um bocadinho!

Early in the year I decided to set in order all the stuff I have.
We are already in the middle of August and I haven’t finished yet.
I know I’ll never have All in order.
Let’s peep in!

7 thoughts on “Organizar / Organizing

  1. Your sewing room looks very organised Meri!! I find that mine is always a work in progress.


  2. Looks organized to me! What's left to put in order? LOL(I shouldn't show pictures of the mess I currently have for a sewing room….)


  3. crete4us says:: "I wish our "hobby" room was so well organised as yours Meri. You can tell on opening the door that we share a room – one side is neat and the other side is chaos (-: !! Keep up your beautiful work".


  4. You should see my place… Estou na mesma missao ha algum tempo, sem muito sucesso,mas voce parece ter se organizado muito bem. Bom trabalho…Sandra Saldanha


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