Mary Corbert’s lesson 2 . Part II

I’ve begun part II full of confidence!

Now I know first row must be longer.

And yesterday I haven’t paid attention (or understood) to these Mary’s words: go deeper than you intended to go (while stitching into previous rows).

And I do like listening to Mary’s advise: try not to be too rigorous about it (short & long stitches) try to be a little loose…

Maybe I’ve taken to the very letter this advise… let’s see


In fact I understood the second (and next ones) row has to enter deep into the previous row – the thread seems to sink into the stitches already made.

As I was adding another colour it seemed as the previous colour vanished. I even asked myself if I was going too deep, but while stitching we look too close and I went on.

No problems???

At this stage – first half – I went on confident. Even at third row when I was working the corners in satin stitch. I’ve no images but it looked good.

But problems came soon, on second half of the square.

From the fourth row I don’t like the stitches. Mainly in the corners.

I over(?) stitch the right corner and the square became a lozenge!

I’m no more so confident as today morning.

The most labourious and difficult elements are about to come…

1 thought on “Mary Corbert’s lesson 2 . Part II

  1. I can relate to your frustration because my satin stitches never look nice and even. I guess we just need more practice! I love the colours of the threads though, they look really beautiful together.


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