Embroidered linen towel 13 / Toalha de linho bordada 13

Drawn threads are addicted…
As baínhas abertas são viciantes…
The other napkin-bags came into use at home. So I made another ones for school (but it seems my daughter didn’t like them…)
Os outros sacos para guardanapos estão a ser usados em casa. Por isso fiz outros para a escola (parece que a minha filha não gostou muito…)

5 thoughts on “Embroidered linen towel 13 / Toalha de linho bordada 13

  1. I love them!! if she doesn’t like them send them over to me. :)

  2. Ahahhahah!Deepa, it’s not that I don’t like them – I only said the letter T didn’t seem a letter T…:)

  3. the edge of this is beautiful, the withdrawn thread and I love the napkins in the post below. How are you? Well I hope, Karen x

  4. Your drawn thread work is so lovely. I really like the napkin bags from your previous posts too – you’ve been really busy!

  5. No excuses now pal!!! you found fault with it right? ;)Meri, if she ever finds fault with any other things you make,just send them over to me…I’ll never ever criticise..(looking angelic ) he,he… ;):)

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