Ugly Oilily

Penso que os leitores portugueses já conhecem o que se está a passar com os lindos bonecos da Rosa.
O plágio é inqualificável.
To English readers and with Rosa‘s permission I’ve copied her words:

Dutch company Oilily is currently selling a soft toy (product no. 103394-3005) that was undeniably copied from my best known doll model. Oilily was famous in the past for their originality and the quality of the products they sold, but things have changed dramatically in recent years. Oilily has become more and more like any other big company: priorities have changed, production (or at least part of it) was moved to China, the best designers left, and the results of this are now in plain sight.
It is true that Oiliy has been producing a flower-eyed
doll for a long time, but this new doll has nothing to do with their previous designs and everything to do with mine: from the doll’s shape and proportions to the place where the tag was inserted (the same spot on the same leg) to the line that defines the doll’s nose, which is one of the most recognisable features of my dolls.
I have been in contact with Oilily for the past week, but all they did so far was ask for more time to look into the matter and excuse themselves with the financial problems the company is facing. In the meantime, the shops keep selling their dolls and clothes.
How you can help: please spread the word about this. Letting big companies know that this type of behaviour doesn’t go unnoticed is the best way of preventing similar situations from happening. Join the
Facebook group and invite your friends to join as well. Email Oilily about this ( there is a text […] that you can use and adapt.
Thank you for your support!
Dear Oilily representative,
I am aware that your product no. 103394-3005 is a copy of Rosa Pomar’s well known soft doll and that she hasn’t given you permission to use her design. As a consumer, i have lost my confidence in your company. I will never buy from you again and I will advise everyone else to do the same until you have corrected this situation.
Please stop selling product no. 103394-3005 and all other products that include the image of this doll immediately. You should also contact Ms. Pomar and compensate her for her loss.

2 thoughts on “Ugly Oilily

  1. How disappointing. I have only seen one Oilily store ever and that is the one in San Francisco. I really loved it and I am so disappointed that they have changed their business practices. I hate when big companies steal ideas from small business people with no credit and no compensation.


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