alfinete #1 / brooch #1

a experiência com fitas resultou num alfinete
the experience with ribbons ended in a brooch
do The Embroiderer’s Handbook que há dias referi.
from The Embroiderer’s Handbook referred some days ago

8 thoughts on “alfinete #1 / brooch #1

  1. You are very clever Méri! I have tried to make ribbon roses before, but that don’t look anything like your beautiful one. Its a gorgeous brooch.

  2. What a lovely brooch – the colours set if off perfectly!

  3. Hi Meri! Love the brooch! Hope you are well, have a great weekend! x

  4. Hi, Meri!What a BRILLIANT idea – I love the brooch! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Embroiderer’s Handbook. It’s one of my favorites, too.Nice Job!! Have you worn it yet?

  5. That is a beautiful pin(ribbon craft!). That would look so cute on a hat as well. Just wanted to say Meri how absolutely perfect your English is. I am so impressed. You express yourself perfectly. I enjoyed hearing about your huge family Christmas at the farm. It sounds like so much fun. There is something wonderful about Christmas in the country.

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