à pressa… / in a hurry…

Ontem à tarde e hoje de manhã estive com a neta mais velha cá em casa. Entre termómetro, xaropes e sonecas fizemos muito trabalho.
Yesterday evening and today morning my eldest granddaughter was with me. Between thermometer, syrups and naps we made a lot of work.

escolher botões

buttons selection

fazer bonecos e tirar fotografias
making puppets and taking photos

regressou a casa feliz com um saco de bonecos para mostrar à irmã. 

entretanto consegui completar(?) a flor


in the meantime I managed to complet(?) the flower


a propósito: alguém me sabe dizer onde, em Portugal, se compram fitas para bordar???

she went back home happy with a bag of puppets to show to her sister.


5 thoughts on “à pressa… / in a hurry…

  1. The decorations will look lovely on the Christmas tree. I am sure your grand-daughter will cherish them. x


  2. Your decorations look great – it is so much fun crafting with little ones.


  3. Looks like you’ve been having lots of crafting fun! The decorations are lovely.


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