Barbie Para brincar / For fun

Um vestido para a Barbie. A dress for Barbie.

Usei agulhas 3mm
I used needles 3mm
a) – montar 30 malhas e trabalhar até aos 12/13cm; então diminuir 2 malhas: uma, depois das primeiras 10 malhas da carreira e a outra depois das segundas 10 malhas (foto 1); trabalhar estas malhas (28) mais 2,5cm;
a) – cast on 30 stitches and work until piece measures 12/13cm; then decrease 2 stitches: one after the first 10 stitches of the row, the other after the second 10 stitches (photo 1); work these stitches (28) more 2,5cm;
b) – trabalhar 6 malhas, rematar 2 malhas, trabalhar 12 malhas e trabalhar só estas 12 malhas centrais (o trabalho é tão pequeno que deixo todas as malhas na agulha) – ficam 6 malhas de um lado e 8 malhas do outro à espera (foto 2);
b) – work 6 stitches, bind off 2 stitches, work 12 stitches and go on working only these 12 central stitches (the work is so little that I leave all the stitches in the needle) – there are 6 stitches in one side and 8 the other side waiting (photo 2);
c) – trabalhar 2cm (foto 3);
c) – work 2cm (photo 3);
d) – rematar as 4 malhas centrais (para o decote) (foto 4);
d) – bind off 4 central stitches (for the neckline??) (photo4);
e) – trabalhar o ombro, diminuindo 1 malha do lado do decote e rematar as 3 malhas a 1,5cm; repetir do outro lado, simetricamente (foto 5);
e) – work the shoulder, decreasing 1 stitch on the neckline(?) side, work until the piece has 1,5cm and bin off the 3 stitches; repeat the other side symmetrically (photo5);
f) – retomar as 6 malhas (para as costas) trabalhar 2 carreiras, rematar 3 malhas do lado do decote (foto 6) e continuar a trabalhar até à altura da frente (foto 7);
f) – retake the 6 stitches (for the back) work 2 rows, bind off 3 stitches on neckline side (photo 6) and went on working until the front measure (photo7);
g) – trabalhar o outro lado, que tem 8 malhas em suspenso: começar por rematar as 2 primeiras malhas (foto 8) e trabalhar de modo simétrico;
g) – work the other side which has 8 stitches waiting: bind off the 2 first stitches (photo 8) and work symmetrically;
h) – mangas: montar 10 malhas, trabalhar duas carreiras e na 3ª duplicar o número de malhas (20 m), trabalhar 6 carreiras e rematar;
h) – sleeves: cast on 10 stitches, work 2 rows, and on the 3ª row double the number of stitches (20), work 6 rows and bind off;
i) – apanhar 30 malhas da orla inferior do vestido (uso a ajuda de uma agulha de crochet); na 1ªcarreira duplicar as malhas (60), na 3ª carreira duplicar novamente (120), trabalhar mais 3 carreiras e rematar;
i) – pick up 30 stitches on the lower hem (i use a crochet hook to help); on 1st row double the number of stitches (60), on the 3th row double again (120), work moe 3 rows and bin off;
j) – coser ombros, mangas e costas – os pormenores ficam ao critério de cada um: em volta do decote pode fazer-se ponto baixo ou o que se quiser, a abertura das costas pode levar botões em vez de velcro, a abertura da saia pode ser maior ou menor….

j) – sew the shoulders, sleeves and back – the details are to each one’s taste: you can make any kind of crochet hem around neckline, the back opening with buttons or velcro, the skirt opening can be larger or smaller…

(ao nível da cintura (a 12/13cm) deve coser-se pelo interior uma linha elástica para ajustar a malha).
(at the waist level (12/13cm) you must sew an elastic thread on the wrong side to adjust the dress).

7 thoughts on “Barbie Para brincar / For fun

  1. Your knitted dress so reminds me of my nan, who for all my life, until she died, lived in Mallorca. She would bring over when she visited knitted outfits for both my large and small dolls. Your outfit is fab. x


  2. This really made me laugh! I got my first Barbie when I was 40. My mom would not allow me to have one when I was growing up because they had…boobs! So when I turned 40 one of my friends gave me a Barbie. I just laughed so hard and loved her for remembering that I never grew up with one.


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