Toalha de linho 5 e 6 / Linen towel 5 and 6

As toalhas são totalmente feitas à mão: crochet, bainha aberta a toda a volta, bordado.
Towels are entirely handmade: crochet, all around hemstitched, embroidery.

Desta vez experimentei outro bordado ajour – diz-se assim em português??

This time I tried another open work / pulled trheads / ajour stitch – how do you say in English?? Nor even in Portuguese i know very well how to say…

8 thoughts on “Toalha de linho 5 e 6 / Linen towel 5 and 6

  1. I am with my jaw dropping..this is incredible beatiful.Estou de boca aberta. Seus trabalhos sao lindissimos.


  2. Those are stunning. I can’t believe you made those. My dad’s mom use to make towels like that, and would also pull the threads; I have never seen anyone do that nowadays…I thought it was a lost art form. I can’t imagine how much patience that must take.


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