Cartas de jogar / Playing cards

Uma pequena bolsa para quem goste de cartas. Talvez ainda faça para i-pod, máquina de fotografia, telemóvel…. a pensar nas prendas para homem…

A little purse to whom enjoy cards. Perhaps I’ll make some cases for i-pod, camera, mobile phone… thinking of gifts for man…

Please, let me know the difference between purse, tote, case, wallet, bag and hand bag…

4 thoughts on “Cartas de jogar / Playing cards

  1. Love the cards theme for men.I’ll try to remember to send you a copy of page of diagrams and names of bags in English ( I have a book that will help with this!). I don’t know the equivalent words in Portugese, but I’m sure pictures will help.


  2. Hi Meri. To answer a small part of your question, I think a purse is a small item to hold a ladies money, coins and notes. A wallet is for a man to carry notes, credit cards etc. A case is usually hard and box shaped, a handbag a small bag. A bag, something large to carry your groceries or similar and I am not sure about a tote.


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