Saco multiusos 2 / All-purpose bag 2

Há mais de duas semanas
More than two weeks ago

decidi fazer outro saco multiusos para mim; ligeiramente diferente.

I’ve decided to make another all-purpose bag for me; a little different.
desta vez segui só o tutorial da Lisa Lam
this time I’ve only followed Lisa Lam’s tutorial
(cosi os lados até 8cm do cimo
i sewed the sides till 8cm from top)

até aqui;
till here;


em vez de fazer a dobra para dentro fiz para fora
instead to fold the flaps onto lining i folded onto the exterior bag

e ficou assim, durante duas semanas;
logo vi que não ficaria tal e qual, porque achei aquela dobra muito pequena
and there it is, for two weeks;
but I knew it wouldn´t remain so because I found that fold too little
Hoje decidi descoser
Today I decided to unsew
e fiz a dobra maior
and made a bigger fold
fiz uma linha paralela para meter o cordão
i sewed a paralel line to place the string

Gosto muito mais assim!
I like it so much more!

O interior é como o primeiro (desta vez cosi os bolsos antes de coser os lados e o fundo do forro!)
The interior is like the first one (this time I’ve sewed the pockets before the lining bottom and sides were sewed!)
Tenho vários trabalhos começados e não acabados… Se conseguir manter-me por aqui algum tempo seguido talvez os acabe…
I have several works in progress… If I can stand by here for some running time perhaps I’ll finish them…
Bom fim de semana!
Enjoy the weekend! 

5 thoughts on “Saco multiusos 2 / All-purpose bag 2

  1. I really like these bags you are making. They look great! Thank you for the link to the tutorial too.Have a great weekend!


  2. Yup, it is awesome. I wish I could sew decently! I would love to make my own clothes. Some of those Japanese patterns are pretty amazing. Sigh! Can’t do everything I guess.


  3. AH! Success!! Sometimes it’s worth the extra effort to unpick and sew again. Glad I’m back in your GOogle reader. My Bloglines feed isn’t working at the moment.


  4. Another lovely bag, Meri! I like your ‘tweaking’ of the original. Very satisfying to make things just the way you want, isn’t it?


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