Looongo fim de semana / Looong weekend

Foi mesmo! Em todos os sentidos… a mais pequena com uma gastroenterite… três dias e três noites… a última passada numa urgência de pediatria…
já passou, já está a recuperar.
Ansiedade a duplicar: pela pequenita e pelos pais longe, preocupados.
Acho que nos portámos todos bem: avós e avô, pais e o apoio logístico da irmã mais velha que recebeu a irmâ de uma forma comovente de ternura, quando chegámos do hospital!
It was quite so! In every sense of the word… the little one with a gastroenteritis… three days and three nights… the last one in a paediatric emergency…
now it is over, she’s already recovering.
Double ansiety: about the little one and her parents, far off, worried.
I think we all behaved well: grandmothers, grandfather, parents and the logistic support of the eldest sister who has wellcome her sister with touching tenderness, when we arrived from the hospital!

8 thoughts on “Looongo fim de semana / Looong weekend

  1. What a scare you must have had! Glad to hear that both girls are now well. They look so sweet in their matching outfits.


  2. What an ordeal for everyone. I hope the little ones are very well now.I love their embroidered pants… (from their grandmother…?)


  3. I do hope she is fully recovered by now poor thing. When my son was a baby he was allergic to milk, yes milk!!!! it’s true!!! He was in and out of hospital for weeks until they found out it wasn’t gastroenteritis.He was then raised on Soya milk, smelt so bad, but now he is 6 foot 2 inches so it must have had some goodness in it.


  4. Oh, how scary! Hope all is well with the little one and that you have recovered too, Meri. Hugs and best wishes to you and yours.


  5. That sounds terrible. The little ones can get sick from gastro so quickly. Good to hear she is getting better already.That’s a very sweet photo.


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