Descobri por acaso!? / I hit upon !?

Já aqui tinha dito que me não entendia bem com as fitas de viés. Resolvi tentar novamente e “descobri” que ao tirar o alfinete para coser à máquina, se o colocasse obliquamente à frente, a tarefa ficava muito mais facilitada.

(na verdade, não descobri nada, pois não? todas vós já sabiam disto, mas que querem? fiquei contente!)

Some time ago I wrote I didn’t work well with bias binding. I tried again and “found” that if you
remove the pin to sew and prick it obliquely ahead just before the next, the task is much easier.

(in fact, i found nothing, didn’t i? all of you know this long ago, but what do you want? i was happy!)

Não é por acaso que as fotos têm aquele lado na sombra… estava uma desgraça. Já está tudo desfeito e preparado para refazer.
Agora tenho que “descobrir” maneira de não me picar tanto com os alfinetes….
It isn’t by chance the photos have one side in the shade… it was a mess. Everything is undone and ready again to remake.
Now I have “to find” how not to prick myself with pins so many times…

9 thoughts on “Descobri por acaso!? / I hit upon !?

  1. Bias tape takes some time to get the hang of, Meri. Glad you discovered a method that works for you. I must admit that I don’t use pins to keep it in place. I usually am able to keep it where I want by going slowly and then feeling the edge of the bottom layer of bias tape through the fabric I’m stitching it onto – making sure that the edge extends past the top edge of bias that I’m visually keeping track of. (I know this was an awkward explanation of my method, but it seems to work for me).What did you make that you’ve added bias tape to?


  2. That is a great tip. I used to hate sewin bias tape – half the time I did not use pins and then I always missed a piece. I will have to try your trick.


  3. Isn’t it great to work out a new trick to make a job easier?? I’m constantly learning things that make me wish I’d worked it out sooner!!


  4. Thanks for the trick tip. I always battle with bias binding. I love the edge that it gives, so neat and finished..but it always looks untidy when I try to use it! Jen


  5. love these colours you are working with. I adore bias binding, I actually have some linen bias that I will probably never use, I just love to look at it.


  6. Vim parar aqui por acaso e “coscuvilhando” os trabalhos que faz cheguei a este da fita de viés. Vou dar uma dica que funciona comigo (trabalhei 2 anos com uma costureira). Em vez de colocar os alfinetes paralelos à fita, coloque-os perpendicularmente… assim pode passar com a máquina por cima (com o devido cuidado, claro).


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