Até breve / See you again soon

Amanhã vamos ver se as peras já se podem colher…
Tomorrow we’ll go back to the country and see if we already can pick the pears…
(the August 15th is national holiday in Portugal)
we hope there’s been a lot of outdoor eating – laying table from breakfast to dinner!!! – at either of the balconies
esperamos que haja muitas refeições lá fora – com a mesa posta do pequeno almoço ao jantar!!!

Mais uma semana fora. Mais uma pausa neste blog.
(tanto precisava de uma pausa para “arrumar” o blog… mas , não dá)
Tenham um bom fim de semana e até breve.

One more week out. One more pause at this blog.
(i am so much in need of a pause “to tidy up” the blog… but there, doesn’t work)
Have a lovely weekend and see you again soon.

Addendum for Louise

7 thoughts on “Até breve / See you again soon

  1. I love pears, I have never seen pears on a tree! My grandfather lives in Mallorca, he has lemon trees. x


  2. What a lovely lemon tree. I haven’t seen one for real in years. I remember my grandparents bringing back lemons for us in their suitcases! Have a lovely blog break Meri. x


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