It was a success, Nikki! Foi um sucesso, Nikki!

Last week before I left to the country I’d received a package from dear Nikki, just in time to take the plastic needles with me and have a surprise in store for ALL of them. Thanks, thanks, thanks!
But what most touched me was her child’s design. It will be scrupulously kept!

You, dear readers, must take a look at You SEW, girl! and at Nicole Mallalieu’s website.
It’s worthwhile!

Na semana passada antes de sair para uns dias no campo recebi uma encomenda da querida Nikki, mesmo a tempo de levar comigo as agulhas de plástico e ter uma surpresa reservada para TODAS as meninas. Muito, muito obrigada!
Mas o que mais me tocou foi o desenho da sua pequenina. Será religiosamente guardado.

E, caros leitores, vão ler o You SEW, girl! e dar uma volta pelo Nicole Mallalieu website. Vale a pena!
8 mãos

8 hands

a trabalhar

the result: “only” these embroideries because the board just finished!

o resultado: “só” estes bordados porque o cartão esgotou!

Foi tão bom estar convosco! Mas soube a pouco…

As agulhas de plástico ficaram lá. Para a semana estarão outros sobrinhos-netos, um pouco mais novos. Não sei se terão este entusiasmo. Veremos!

The plastic needles were there. Next week we will be there again with other grand-nieces and grand-nephew, a little younger. I don’t know if they will have this enthusiasm. We’ll see!

9 thoughts on “It was a success, Nikki! Foi um sucesso, Nikki!

  1. As agulhas são, de facto, boas para as mãos pequeninas. Mas eu gabo é a paciência da Méri para ensinar tantas miúdas ao mesmo tempo. Foi tudo ma-ra-vi-lho-so!(Hoje fiz o arroz mágico!!!)


  2. Looks like the sewing activity was a huge success!! Those plastic needles are the best for kids crafting.


  3. I can tell you that plastic needles and wooden needles are great for adults to – those of us who travel…they typically don’t confiscate them in security! Looks like a great time was had by all.


  4. Yes, the UK is in Europe, but I needed to be a little more specific. Nikki is very talented and is very helpful in sharing her expertise on her blog. The children look very sweet, enjoying their crafting, and with some great results. A sure way to keep them amused! x


  5. WONDERFUL to see the children having so much fun with those little needles!! Thanks for sharing their beautiful work.xxnikki


  6. what beautiful photos of the children sewing – what a fabulous idea! Nikki is great isn’t she? And now I have found another blog to read!


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