Muita brincadeira / Lots of fun

Escolinha / Little school

O mais velho queria convercer-nos que podiam dormir ali…
The oldest tried to convince us they could sleep there… Feeding the fishes.
A dar de comer aos peixes.

…e a pequenina no “poti”, …and the little one on the pot,

que parece uma chávena… which looks like a big cup…

4 thoughts on “Muita brincadeira / Lots of fun

  1. Oh, that pot is so cute! It does look just like a little cup- how very clever! I am so happy that my little one is now able to do everything on the toilet now!~Emily


  2. What lovely photographs. I laughed when I saw the one of the tent! I guess, you didn’t let them sleep there?


  3. que giro!!! deve ter sido a loucura! :)desculpa a minha demora em visitar-te! mas ando muito atarefada. fui hj montar a minha exposição e tenho que preparar o workshop que vou dar no dia 9. ando a mil! :)e já postei a minha peça de fusing lá no bom feeling. queres ver?bjinhos! :)


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