WorkS in progress

My grandaughter’ work and mine.
O trabalho da neta e o meu.

7 thoughts on “WorkS in progress

  1. Oh my…these new works are so delicate and beautiful…you have a great hand!WOW..Os novos trabalhos sao tao delicados e bonitos..voce tem uma mao boa!

  2. They are going to be beautiful. I wish I could embroider like that!

  3. How lovely working with your grandaughter…Check out my blog, I have kind of given you an award, kind of….

  4. Definitely one following in your footsteps. Lovely work by both of you. x

  5. Great to see you passing on your gifts to your grandaughter. Waht a wonderful thing to share.Hey – I’m tagging you for “six things that made me happy today”

  6. Looks like talent for needlework runs in your family! It made me smile to read this post because I have memories of my great grandmother sharing her love of needlework with me. Glad to see you are making memories and beautiful things with your granddaughter, Meri.

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