Saco de Verão reversível/ Reversible Summer bag

Com o resto deste fiz um saco de praia reversível para uma sobrinha.

With scraps from these I made a reversible summer bag. For a niece.

One side has a long pocket and a smaller one. The other has only one at full width with “velcro” in the middle. The fabric is a kind of canvas, with one semi-impermeable face.

Um lado tem um bolso comprido e um mais pequeno. O outro tem um só, a toda a largura, com “velcro” a meio. O tecido é uma lona com um lado meio impermeável.

Um bom fim de semana de Verão!

Have a lovely Summer weekend!


5 thoughts on “Saco de Verão reversível/ Reversible Summer bag

  1. This bag is so refreshing! I loved the colors that you used..reminds me of a nice mango sorbet with a little vanila!Esta bolsa e tao refrescante. Amei as cores que usaste…me lembra sorvete de manga com um pouquinho baunilha!Great picture! Foto fabulosa!Anary


  2. This looks like the perfect bag for summer, Meri. I bet your niece will get lots of use out of it. Great colour – makes me think of an orange creamsicle.


  3. Marvelous bag! Good work. And that is a terrific color, too. Thanks for your note on my blog. We did have a great week-end and the skies were just filled with the birds. Quite amazing! While the sun didn’t shine much, it didn’t rain and that is a good thing. Good wishes,Marne


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