Via Hearts Handmade encontrei o trabalho tão original da Miriam.
Via Miriam soube de uma portuguesa com a sua primeira colecção de tecidos, Maria João Arnaud.
Já conhecia: Ox-hill – com pulseiras e colares muito, muito bonitos. Gosto mesmo.
Via Hearts Handmade I found the creative Miriam’s work.
Miriam acquainted me with a Portuguese first fabric collection from Maria João Arnaud.
Already knew: Ox-hill – with beautifull bracelets and necklaces. I hold dear her work.
E já com algum atraso, registo a chegada da encomenda da Retrosaria
Better late than never I indicate the arrival from Retrosaria
Já posso começar um quilt. Não sei bem como.
Ainda não sei como vou utilizar o tecido. É o primeiro tecido não português que irei utilizar (pelo menos conscientemente)
Rosa, o livro é lindo. Não sei é quando (ou se) vou ter coragem de fazer alguma coisa por ele.
I can start in with a quilt. I just don’t know how.
No idea how Iwill make use of the fabric yet. It’s the first non-portuguese fabric I’ll use (at least knowingly)
Rosa the book is a beauty. Only I don’t know when (or if) I’ll have enough daring to use it.

6 thoughts on “Links

  1. Oh – I love the fabric. You just keep looking and you will find the perfect pattern and will be able to start a fabric project. Muito obrigada for your note on my blog – you are a faithful reader and I appreciate it. CTA is Clothing and Textile Advisor. Now that I have finished the training, I am supposed to be able to train and teach others about sewing and fabrics. Kind of fun! I started teaching my refugee ladies before I completed the course, but oh well – we did just fine.Good wishes to you.Marne


  2. Thanks Meri for keeping an eye on my shop. Who knows one day you may find something you have been searching for all your life! I like the sound of Hearts Handmade, as you know I am very fond of hearts! x


  3. I have that Japanese craft book too – I just received it this week. It looks like there are lots of gorgeous things for little girls in there. I’m hoping to have a bit of time to do some sewing for my daughter over the next few weeks. I’d love to see what you make from the book!


  4. Curiosa de seguir a evolução do quilt… e bem haja pela sua simpática presença e apoio. Sabe mesmo bem :)


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